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B & G Fast Catch Rodent Station

Fast Catch Rat Bait & Trap Station
Our Price: $58.95
Manufacturer: B & G

Case of 6 Fast Catch Bait & Trap Stations

The Fast Catch Rodent Baiter features the patent pending "Pop-up Rodent Alert" that lets you know there has been rodent activity in the station. Bait is placed inside, or you can set a trapper T-Rex Rat trap (shown below) inside, or both. When a rodent has entered the station, or the trap inside goes off the pop-up alert will inform you that their has been rodent activity inside the station, or their may be a captured rodent inside.
The Fast Catch can be used in IPM Programs for monitoring with non-toxic bait and then when activity is present a snap trap can be used for final control. It can also be utilized as a "stand alone" snap trap or rodent bait station.
  • Designed for years of service
  • Heavy Duty Poly Construction
  • Easy Open Single Lock Design
  • Tamper Resistant - Lid recesses into base
  • Low Profile design for increased rodent acceptance
  • Fits all professional rat snap traps (except wooden base)
  • Snap trap is held firmly to prevent movement
  • Long entry pathways keeps the rodent hidden after catch
  • Truly flexible - Can be used in a variety of application
  • Can be used inside or outside. 

Pop-outs in rear of station allows for attachment to pipes or other object by use of cable ties
  • Alert is easy to reset from inside the cover
  • Alert cannot be reset except when cover is removed
  • Bright Red Alert is Easy to Identify
Bait and Trapper T-Rex rat traps sold separately.
Includes 1 Key for each case of six stations. Should you need additional keys, please make your request through our contact us form.

Fast Catch Baiter
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