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Demon MAX Insecticide - 1Pint

Demon Max Insecticide
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Manufacturer: Syngenta


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Demon Max 
Demon® MAX has been an industry mainstay with nearly two decades of results. This dual action pre-treatment both kills and repels over 20 pests. In tests, Demon MAX has delivered 90-100% control after 10 years in the soil, even in states with heavy termite pressure.
DESCRIPTION AND USES: A Low odor liquid concentrate which leaves no visible residue. Gives quick "Knock-Down" for German roaches and is the product of choice for drenching fire ant mounds. Use 1/2 to 1 ounce per gallon. Packaged in a 16 ounce, easy measure container that will make up to 32 gallons of solution.

A crack and crevice and/or spot treatment for residual and contact control of ants,carpenter ants,crickets,cockroaches,crickets, spiders, scorpions,carpenter bees, boxelder bugs,firebrats, silverfish, sow bugs,and certain other insects. May be used inside and outside. Authorized by the USDA for use in inedible product areas in Federally inspected meat, poultry and egg processing plants. Long term residual-2-3 months, and is odorless.
Product Highlights:
  • Low concentration of active ingredient cypermethrin required for control
  • Ultimate in long residual for protection that lasts
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Low water solubility, does not leach into water supplies
  • Total protection against both Subterranean and Formosan species
Demon® MAX is registered for control of termites as a pre- and post-construction, final grade soil applications, wood surface or injection treatment for wood in place, and as a foam application for hard-to-reach areas. Besides being labeled for control of all subterranean termites including the Formosan species, Demon MAX kills and repels a multitude of general nuisance and lawn pests. With virtually no odor, Demon MAX is permitted in a variety of locations, including indoor use as a crack-and-crevice or spot treatment. Check the label prior to application for restrictions. To mix Demon MAX, refer to the label to determine the appropriate concentration. Application volumes are also included to ensure desired product performance
Always wear protective eyewear when applying Demon MAX. Respiratory protection must be worn when applying in non-ventilated spaces. Refer to label for other personal protective equipment information.

Demon MAX should not applied directly to water or to areas where surface water is present. If applying to vinyl, test a small area on each side of the structure to observe for staining.

Always read and follow label directions

     Not shipped to: CA, CT, NY, MI, VT, WA or WV