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Temp Vents
The foundation is critical to the integrity of the home. That’s why foundation vents and ventilation are critical. Unventilated foundations are subject to built-up moisture that can eventually lead to costly damage.

Temp Vent foundation vent systems help protect this critical area of the home. What’s more, ventilation can help control conditions that lead to mold, mildew, fungi, damp rot and unhealthy air. Buy Tempvents brand foundation vents.

But there’s more. If there’s one thing termites are attracted to, it’s warm, moist, dead air environments such as those found under houses in crawl spaces or unfinished basements. TempVent products have been especially designed for the pest control industry. Temp Vent foundation vents help to provide ventilation that can reduce moisture in these areas, which helps control termites

Note: These are the original Automatic Temp-Vents (Patented in the 60's) All other auto vents are clones of this vent and only have one year warranties, plus the product materials are not of the same quality materials as the original Temp-Vents sold here.

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Temp Vent - TV Series 6 - Crawl Space Vent
Our Price: $32.95
Temp Vent - TV Series 6 - Crawl Space Vent
Automatic Temp-Vent for the crawl space under a home - TV-6 is a one piece unit. The Temp Vent Series 6 is now on Sale!
Temp Vent - TV-5 Crawl Space Vent
Our Price: $36.25
Temp Vent - TV-5 Crawl Space Vent
The TV-5 Two piece unit is a non-powered, Automatic Foundation Vent will open and close automatically using a heat/cold sensitive coil.
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