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Advance 375 Select Granular Ant Bait

Advance 375 Ant Bait Granulars
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Manufacturer: Whitmire

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Advance 375A Select Granular Ant Bait

The universal workhorse, Advance 375A Granular Ant Bait contains a mix of grit sizes to take on pest ants of all sizes.


ADVANCE 375 Select Ant Bait Kills:

  • Many common varieties of ants such as Argentine, Bigheaded, Crazy, Field, Fire, Little Black, Pavement, Pharaoh, Odorous, House and Thief Ants.

  • Formulated with a select combination of attractants that quickly entice hard-to-control ants to readily feed on the bait.

  • Blend of high performance and economy make this a universal choice for almost any ant baiting situation



Broadcast (0.4 oz./1,000 sq. ft.); perimeter (1-2 ft. wide band); colony or mound (1.5-2.1 oz. and repeat as necessary); visible trails (0.3-1.0 oz. and repeat as necessary)




Void or Crack & Crevice treatments (up to 1.5 oz. per application site)


Active Ingredient: 0.011% Abamectin B1
Insecticide Class: Avermectin
Registration: Not registered in PR.
Sizes Available: 8 oz. & 2 lb.

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