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DuPont™ Advion ® Roach Gel Bait

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Manufacturer: Dupont
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Box of four 30 gram tube's ($32.80)
Case of 5 boxes ( twenty 30 gram tube's) ($157.38)

* Pack of four 30 gram tube's for $28.95 (Includes 1 Plunger &  2 Tips)
* Case of 5 Packs ( twenty 30 gram tube's, Plungers & Tips) for $138.95

DuPont™ Advion® cockroach gel bait is a  high-performing product from DuPont Professional Products targeting all pest species of cockroaches. Based on the exceptional active ingredient - indoxacarb, Advion® cockroach gel bait represents the miracles DuPont science can deliver. Cockroach species controlled, but not limited to: German (also gel bait-averse), American, Australian, Brown, Smokybrown, Oriental, Brownbanded and Asian cockroaches.

This unique product, powered by MetaActive™ compound (indoxacarb), combines a novel, high-consumption bait matrix with a potent, non-reprellent active ingredient. Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination and even the toughest populations are quickly controlled!

Product Benefits

  • Complete spectrum of pest control
  • Targets include gel bait-averse
  • New, high-performing bait matrix
  • Thorough cockroach infestation elimination

Product Application

  • High-consumption bait
  • Non-repellent
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Commercial, residential & industrial sites

30 Gram tubes with tip(s) and plunger

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