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Advion Roach Bait Arena

Advion Roach Bait Arena
Our Price: $44.17
Manufacturer: Dupont

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 Advion® cockroach bait arena

Advion® cockroach bait arena can be used to control cockroach populations indoors and outdoors with  the active ingredient indoxacarb, an insecticide that acts through ingestion by cockroaches.

For best results, you should place ADVION Cockroach Bait Arenas in areas where cockroaches congregate such as along walls and in corners, under or near kitchen appliances or industrial equipment as well as under sinks, in cabinets, and around utility areas.

Speed and spectrum, all in a single product

Advion cockroach gel bait and Advion cockroach bait arena are high-performing products targeting all prevailing pest species of cockroaches including German (also gel bait-averse), American, Australian, Brown, Smokybrown, Oriental, Brownbanded and Asian. It combines a highly attractive, proprietary gel formulation with a potent non-repellent active ingredient. Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination and even the toughest populations are quickly controlled! 

Key Features

  • High-consumption bait
  • Non-repellent
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Commercial, residential and industrial sites

Key Benefits

  • Provides speed and spectrum in a single product, offering superior control while simplifying inventory management.
  • The entry holes to the bait arena are specially designed so that Advion cockroach bait arena can effectively target both large and small cockroaches
  • Controls all prevailing cockroach species
  • Targets include gel bait-averse cockroaches
  • High-performing bait matrix
  • Thorough cockroach infestation control

    Each bag contains 60 bait placements

          Advion Roach Bait Arena 


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