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DIRECTIONS FOR  Bed Bug Defender®

What are the advantages of the Bed Bug Defender® and why are they installed under the bed and furniture legs?

The Bed Bug Defender® is a device that allows you to monitor bed bug activity.

The Bed Bug Defender® is designed to catch and prevent bed bugs while climbing up or leaving your bed.

How to install:

The Bed Bug Defender® monitors should be placed under each leg of the furniture or bed.

The leg of the bed or furniture should rest in the center well of the Defender.

Do not let any items hang off of the bed such as blankets, sheets, clothes or furniture and do not allow any items to touch the floor at any point during the day or night.

Move the bed and furniture away from the wall so bed bugs cannot climb or gain access.

The Bed Bug Defender® should remain in place for a minimum of 30 to 60 days to assist in monitoring for bed bugs; however it is recommended that you keep it indefinitely for continuous bed bug monitoring.

While installed:

Furniture should continue to be pulled away from the wall and do not allow any objects on furniture or any bedding to touch the floor or wall.

The Bed Bug Defender® should be checked on a regular basis for bed bugs. The outer wall will contain bed bugs that are climbing the bed/furniture from the floor. The inner well wall will catch bed bugs climbing down from the bed or furniture.

To remove bed bugs from device use a cotton ball with a small amount of cornstarch or nonscented talc powder. Place the cotton ball and bed bug in a sealed plastic bag and immediately dispose in an outside container.

Check the Bed Bug Defender® devices periodically to make sure that they have not become or compromised in any way. If there is any sign The Bed Bug Defender® being cracked or broken; remove the device with care from under the legs of the furniture, as there may be bed bugs in it. Replace with another one.

Before removing the devices, have several plastic bags ready for Bed Bug Defender® and place in a sealed bag and dispose in an outside container.

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