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Bell T1 Disposable Rat Bait Station

T1 Disposable Rat Bait Station
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Manufacturer: Bell Labs

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Bell Labs T1 RAT Disposable Bait Station
T1 RAT is sold in 1-pack cartons and is labeled for individual sale.
Yes, The bait is included!
Pre-baited T1 RAT holds Bell’s rat-sized bait blox with the active ingredient, bromethalin. Once rats consume a lethal dose, usually in a single night’s feeding, they die in as few as two days. Rats stop feeding after eating a lethal dose which reduces the amount of bait required. With bromethalin, there is also a very low risk of secondary poisoning. With no need to bait the station, simply place it where you’ve seen signs of rats. The see-through plastic lid makes monitoring bait consumption easy. When bait is gone, the station can be discarded.
 TI RAT can be placed horizontally or vertically, giving rats access from various angles.
T1 Rat Bait Station Placement Suggestions

T1 RAT is a disposable, pre-baited bait station that can be thrown away after the bait, a 4-ounce bromethalin block, has been consumed. This sturdy, tamper-resistant bait station is labeled “Kid & Dog Resistant,” having met the highest level of station security and quality based on test protocols established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“The T1 RAT can be placed in homes and apartments, as well as commercial accounts. “Plus it can be used indoors and outdoors within 50 feet of buildings accessible to children and dogs.”

Both T1 RAT and the smaller T1 MOUSE are child and dog resistant, but care should always be taken when placing the stations, especially in homes where children or pets are present, Pursell cautioned. “While these bait stations were designed and tested to meet the EPA’s highest level of bait station security, they must always be placed in locations away from easy access by kids or pets.
Bell T1 Disposable Bait Stations can be placed behind appliances, in corners, garages, attics, indoors and outdoors.
Active ingredient: Bromethalin
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