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BIRD BLAZER Laser Bird Repellent Device MANUAL PDF

Bird-X, Inc., the world's leading bird control specialists and suppliers of unique, effective and ecologically safe bird repellent products, is proud to announce "The Next Generation" in bird control. We have successfully utilized the latest in Space Age Technology and electronics to develop the Bird BLazer Laser Bird Repellent. For safe operation, read this manual before
powering or installing the fixture, follow the safety precautions listed below, and observe all warnings printed in this manual and on the fixture. Bird-X, Inc. has been recognized worldwide as the bird control experts for more than 44 years. Bird-X, Inc. is the only company anywhere that sells a complete line of bird repellent products including a variety of ultrasonic bird repellents, sonic bird repellents, visual bird scares, bird repellent gels and liquids, iridescent diffraction deterrent tape, bird netting and bird spikes . New products are continuously being developed. Bird-X, Inc. specialists have become experts through extensive experience and research.

As a result, sales consultants are able to analyze problems and make recommendations based on each
customer's specific situation and needs. In addition, Bird-X, Inc. maintains and avails to
customers a library of application case histories and other reference materials.

No two bird infestation problems are exactly the same. Treat yours as you would any well
engineered project, and begin with research. Success depends on timing, organization and
Collect information related to the bird problem:
A. Survey the birds and their habits. Gather specific data as to the type and
population of birds, flight and time patterns, entries and exits, and nesting, feeding
and roosting habits.
B. Inspect your property. Discover what the birds find attractive about your area,
and if the same conditions prevail in neighboring properties.
C. Remove all inducements. Before installing the BLazer, make sure to clean the
area of all evidence of birds: nests, fledglings, droppings, dead birds, and the
residual scent. (Adult birds are likely to return to their young in order to protect
them or to assist them in leaving the area.) Remove food spillage, garbage,
nesting material and other items that may be appealing to birds.
D. Maintain a clean and changing environment. For maximum effectiveness,
periodically clean the area of nests and droppings, relocate or reposition the
BLazer, vary the output, or turn off the unit for a short time.
E. Install early. It is always best to install the BLazer before "bird season" begins,
as it is easier to keep the birds away than to rout them out once they have already
established a living pattern.
F. Use products synergistically. Two or more different kinds of devices (the
BLazer plus a sound repeller and/or a physical barrier like spikes needle strips or
sticky repellent gel) will produce a synergistic effect – i.e., in combination, the
products will yield much greater effectiveness than the BLazer alone. Contact
Bird-X, Inc. at (312) 226-2473 (BAN BIRD) for information on "companion"
G. Consider alternate locations. Make educated guesses as to where the birds will
go when they are repelled from their current infestation area. It may be very easy
for birds to relocate to the other side of a warehouse, or to an adjacent loading
dock. Units should be purchased to cover these alternate areas as well.
H. Note the legal and public relations environment. Find out about related
environmental laws in your area.
Figure 1 - AC Voltage Switch
Not all fixtures have a voltage
select switch. Please be sure to
connect to the proper voltage.

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Energy is
amplified to extremely high intensity by an atomic process called stimulated emission. The term
"radiation" is often misinterpreted because the term is also used to describe radioactive materials or
ionizing radiation. The use of the word in this context, however, refers to an energy transfer using
visible or invisible light.
Lasers are a well-established method of deterring birds, most notably the use of handheld lasers on
airfields to prevent devastating loss of time, equipment and lives from bird strikes. The BLazer
development expands this proven technology and fills the need identified by our 44 years of
customer input and experience with bird problems at municipal, industrial and commercial
buildings: a unit that works constantly, eliminating the labor-intensity of hand held lasers, and
exponentially increasing the potential uses.
Bird BLazer Laser Bird Repeller is a Class 3R diode “fat beam” laser featuring strong 10
milliwatt (mW) green beams -- green is shown to be the most effective against pest birds. The
beams create 45 different patterns occurring in random order. Diode laser technology was
developed quite early in the history of lasers, becoming widely available in the early 1980s. Diode
laser is ideal for bird repelling because of many of its advantages – small size, lower power
consumption and low cost. For safe operation, read this manual before powering or installing the
fixture, follow the safety precautions listed below, and observe all warnings printed in this manual
and on the unit.
Bird BLazer can be operated off of 110v or 220v. It comes with a six-foot power cord, 2 keys,
remote control, mounting hardware (consisting of hanging bracket, 2 clamp levers and 2 washers)
and an instruction manual. Unpack carefully and be sure that no damage has occurred during
shipping. If anything is missing or appears to be damaged please contact us.
Power Connection: This unit has been designed to function on a mains power supply of either
120V or 220V and has been fitted with either a 120V or 220V power plug (depending on your
order), for use with your local voltage. Check the label and verify the voltage selector
switch and the power plug for the correct voltage. Ensure you are using a grounded
circuit. Ensure your source voltage matches the required voltage for your BLazer
before plugging it in; incorrect voltage selection will detrimentally affect the unit’s
operation. When connected to the mains power supply power LED will be on and the
laser will begin to warm up and then function.
Installation/Mounting: Mount the BLazer right side up SO IT IS LEVEL HORIZONTALLY (do
not mount to a vertical or diagonal surface). Mount it properly using the mounting bracket
supplied. Use in a well-ventilated area. Do not block any ventilation slots. If desired, block
unwanted beams (the beams that would normally point down, for example), by adjusting the
thumbscrews on the metal “door” covers on the front aperture.
Remote Control & On-Unit Control:
The remote has a range of approximately 90 feet.
Cleaning frequency depends on the environment. During cleaning (except for mirrors), or in fact
when the unit is not in use, close the aperture completely by using the thumbscrews to prevent dust.
Unplug the unit. Use a soft
cloth to clean the outside
casing. To clean mirrors (inside
the front aperture) use a cotton
swab and rubbing alcohol.
Twirl slowly and press gently to
avoid damage.
Be sure all parts are dry before plugging the unit back in.
Total spatial coverage is dependent on environmental surroundings: more visible in the dark than in
the light, more visible in a more-enclosed area where light will bounce off walls, more visible in a
relatively open facility than one with many stored contents that would block beams, etc. A green
10mW laser beam has a maximum range of 1000 feet/300 meters in the dark (this is old, what’s
new). We estimate maximum coverage of 10,000 square feet. Keep in mind that this is
unidirectional coverage, with beams emanating from the aperture in the shape of a slice of pie.
Depending on placement, a second unit will offer increased synergistic coverage; therefore multiple
units are strongly recommended, especially in stubborn or long-term infestations.
Laser Power 10mW FAT BEAM
Unit Power 50 watts
Laser Color Green
Net Weight 9 lbs/4Kgs
Power AC 100V~120V or 220V~240V, @ 50/60Hz
Electric Current 110v = 0.45 amps 220v = 0.23 amps
Classification 3R
Size (mm) L220 × W280 × H172
Fuse 20mm×2A slow-blow
Housing Metal
Beam Divergence < 1.5 mrad
Operating Temperature 64-77°F/18-25°C
Safe Temperature for Use 41-104°F/5-40°C
The Bird BLazer is designed to act as an important aid in chasing birds from their infestations in
plants, warehouses, loading docks, railroad sidings, tunnels, breezeways, underpasses and storage
sheds. Other locations include: hangars, silos, barns, stadiums, arenas, boat houses and bell towers.
Every bird infestation presents a unique challenge. No two problems are identical, as numerous
variables affect each one. Besides the obvious differences (such as type of bird, size of infestation,
type of structure and physical location), there are many additional environmental factors that make
it impossible to state rigid rules for the optimum utilization of the Bird BLazer. There is no magic
or “correct” use or placement to maximize the effectiveness of the unit; experimentation is often
required to find the ultimate solution. The use of variables creates changing environments to repel
roosting birds – in fact, change is one of the best tools in the repelling of birds, as birds are creatures
of habit and they do not grow accustomed to a dynamic environment. Change location of the laser
unit, change direction the aperture faces, turn off unit, etc., on a monthly basis to prevent any
acclimation, or change more often as necessary.
n If fixture does not project beams: Check main power supply and fuse.
n If beam seems weak/fuzzy:
1. This could be due to a long time of operation without a break, or a high operating
temperature, neither of which is recommended. If this is occurring in a normal temperature
environment with periodic breaks, try turning off the unit to cool for 30 minutes before
turning it on again. After 5 minutes (longer in cold weather) the beam should no longer be
2. This could be due to a dirty mirror. Check mirrors and clean (according to “cleaning”
n If problems cannot be solved please contact your dealer for service
In particularly stubborn and/or long-term infestations, it may be necessary to consider a
combination approach to further decrease the desirability of the facility to birds. Please see the
Housekeeping is very important! As mentioned in the Bird Management Program, the problem area
should be cleaned of all evidence of birds. Nest, fledglings, droppings, dead birds, and the residual
scent should all be removed. Check the area for unusual incentives. Remove food spillage,
garbage, nesting materials and other items that may be appealing to birds.

Safety Labels
Bottom Front Panel
n Never look directly into laser beams, or into the specular reflection(s) of any beam. Wear
safety goggles to protect your eyes when necessary.
n Wear antistatic wrist strap while servicing to prevent electrostatic damage.
n Do not spill liquids into or onto unit. If this happens, disconnect the power immediately.
n Power directly off of a switched circuit; never with a dimmer or rheostat (even a 0 to 100%
n Disconnect unit from main power before inspecting, installing, making any type of connection,
or replacing any components.
n Locate this unit in a place with adequate ventilation at least 15 cm from a wall, and mount it in
a safe, stable manner.
n To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this unit to a high temperature or high humidity
area. Unplug unit when not in use.
n Keep combustible materials away.
n Do not place unit in or near water. Do not mount while standing in or surrounded by water.
Laser aperture & aperture label
Identification label
Certification label
Warning label
n Lasers are regulated by the FDA. Accession numbers are on file. You may also visit the FDA
web site for more information.
n Mount at or above a height of 3 meters. Project beams above eye level.
n Do not project beams onto specular (reflective) material – for example, mirrors.
n Do not project beams at room entrances.
n Use indoors. Outdoor use voids all warranties.
n Do not use near humans or pets.
n Conform to temperature ranges in “specifications”. Diode laser is extremely sensitive to
temperature, and output power is indirectly proportional to temperature. If temperature is too
low, laser may need extra time to warm up to optimum output. If temperature is too high, turn
up air conditioning, though if temperature remains too high, it can cause damage or
degradation to the diode and the long-term performance.
n The Interlock Connector is a safety device for radiation, through which the factory has access to
the area if repairs are needed if that does not allow the customer to access the source laser
radiation, but in case repairs are needed, the factory has the key to access this area.
n Refer service to a qualified technician.
n Caution - Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than as
specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure!

Fuse: purchase a 20mm×2A fuse locally. Always disconnect from main power supply before
attempting to replace the fuse. Remove the old fuse from the holder and replace with the exact
same type to avoid damage.
Remote Control (universal) # BLAZER-REMOTE
Safety Key (universal) # BLAZER-KEY
Battery for Remote Control: purchase a 12 volt 23 amp battery locally

Manufacturer's Warranty: The Bird BLazer is warrantied against defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of six months from the shipping date. At its option, Bird-X, Inc. will
either replace or repair the defective unit. An extended warranty (total protected time of thirty
months) is available; please contact Bird-X, Inc. for details.
Performance Guarantee: If the customer is not satisfied with the effectiveness of the BLazer,
within 30 days from the shipping date, the unit may be returned, at the customer's expense, FOR
CREDIT ONLY. Prior written authorization and a returned goods authorization (RGA) number
will be necessary from Bird-X, Inc. All credits will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. NO

For best results, Bird-X, Inc. always recommends that the Bird BLazer be used in conjunction
with one or more other products. The combination of different types of control methods –
particularly with long term infestations, in areas that are particularly desirable to birds, and/or
particularly stubborn bird pests – has proven to maximize the effectiveness of bird control
programs.  visit for more
information on companion products.

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