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Bird Spikes, or needle strips, are a simple, humane, maintenance-free, long-term solution to pest bird problems, and have been used on buildings and structures worldwide to eliminate roosting and nesting surfaces and landing strips. Birds avoid alighting on the bird spikes as humans avoid walking on a bed of nails – the bird spikes are not lethal, just extremely uncomfortable.

Stainless BIRD SPIKES is a base mold of transparent polycarbonate, with two types of spiked projections: stainless steel projections protrude up and out (angled) to both sides; a central row of polycarbonate projections protrude straight up.
There are three variations:
  1. Regular alternates wide stainless steel bird spike projections (4.5” spread) with narrow stainless steel bird spike projections (1.75” spread) and a central row of straight-up polycarbonate projections.
  2. Slim Stainless BIRD SPIKES has only the narrower stainless steel bird spikeprojections (1.75” spread) in order to cover ledges less than 2" wide, plus a central row of straight-up polycarbonate bird spikes projections.
  3. Extra-Wide alternates wide stainless steel bird spikes projections (4.5” spread) with extra-wide (7” spread) AND narrower (1.75” spread) stainless steel bird spikes projections, plus a central row of straight-up polycarbonate bird spikes projections.

    No two bird infestation problems are exactly the same. Begin with research. Information related to the bird problem will have bearing on the actual installation and its success:

    Survey the birds. Type? Population? Patterns?

    Survey your property for bird spikes locations. What do birds find attractive about your area? Can it be changed?

    Remove all inducements. Eliminate nests, fledglings, droppings, dead birds, and the residual scent. Also remove food spillage, garbage, nesting material and other appealing items.

    Maintain a clean, changing environment. Continue to clean nests, debris and droppings.

    Install early. Install before "bird season" begins; it is easier to keep the birds away than to rout them out once they have already established a living pattern.

    Use products synergistically.

    Different kinds of devices (add a visual device or a sound repeller) produce a synergistic effect -- in combination the products yield much greater effectiveness than Stainless BIRD SPIKES alone. You may find this necessary if there are certain areas where it is undesirable or impractical to install bird spikes. This will maximize effectiveness of the bird spikes throughout the entire property. Consider alternate locations.

    Apply to nearby locations where birds may go when they leave their current area. Familiarize yourself with the legal and public relations environment. Are there related environmental laws?

    Precaution: Although non-lethal, Stainless BIRD SPIKES’ actual projections are quite sharp. Wear protective gloves, and be careful during installation and handling.


Bird Spikes can be mounted on any surface whether flat, curved or irregular, and on any material, whether masonry, metal, canvas, glass or wood. 24” units affix quickly with Bird Spikes Special Adhesive, screws, nails, wire ties, etc. Units may be “snapped” to fit lengths less than 24". Always firmly attach Stainless Bird Spikes - never balance sections precariously or wedge them.


Bird Spikesis only effective where applied; nearby unprotected areas can encourage roosting. A working diagram while measuring will translate into a well-covered installation.
Spacing: Measure the width of each area to be covered. For every 5" of width, use one row of Stainless
Bird Spikes; for fractions thereof, use one row of SLIM Stainless Bird Spikes. For widths of 7” or more, use one row of EXTRA WIDE Stainless Bird Spikes. The projections from Stainless Bird Spikes
should extend at least ½" past the exposed edge or edges of the area.
Calculation of Linear Feet Needed: Measure the length of each area to be covered, allowing for curves or bends in the surface - flexible Stainless
Bird Spikes will follow easily. Based on length (multiply length by 2, 3, etc. if necessary for wider widths) order an appropriate amount of Stainless Bird Spikes
Affixing Stainless
Bird Spikes TO SURFACES: Stainless Bird Spikes
is versatile, and easily attached to surfaces of every size, shape and material. Use any of the following methods, or devise your own.

Bird Spikes Special Adhesive:
Bond only to dry, clean surfaces, when the temperature is between 32°F and 120°F. Apply a bead of adhesive to underside of base. Firmly press Stainless Bird Spikes onto surface so that it makes solid contact. Allow adhesive to dry and form a "rivet" through the holes in the base.) Part #SSA from Bird-X; one tube will affix approximately 20 feet of Stainless Bird Spikes.
Screws: Use #12 flat Phillips-head screws and a screwdriver with a shaft of at least 4".
Nails: Use 1/8" nails and a nail set.
Wire Ties: Recommended for cabling, piping and thin railings.
Clamps or Velcro: Use for temporary installations.

GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE INSTALLATIONS (Also see pdf for more detailed info)

Thorough and proper planning, installation and follow-up maintenance are essential to bird control success.
Preparation: Clean, disinfect and repair surface if damaged. Wear protection to avoid health hazards. Remove overhanging branches or foliage above the surface to be protected so birds cannot land to drop nesting material into Stainless
Bird Spikes.
Thorough Coverage: Install on all existing and potential roosting areas, and as necessary to surfaces directly above the currently infested areas, so that birds cannot drop debris into the Stainless
Bird Spikes
from these higher surfaces.
Creative Coverage: Cover all exposed surfaces, inside corners and crevices. Because birds are stubborn, this may require vertical, sideways, diagonal or upside down mounting in addition to standard, right-side up mounting of the bird spikes.


Creativity and experimentation will govern, but these illustrations suggest a few of the possibilities.
Louvers, Eaves
Air conditioners — Use multiple strips to cover the entire depth.
Ledges, Sills, Gutters and Pipes
Beams, Trusses, Support Structures
Signs, Letters, Church Crosses — Follow the shape on each letter or structure and cover every surface or crevice in which a bird can roost. Flexible Stainless
Bird Spikescan make both concave and convex curves.
Bell Towers or Domes — Cover the bell with multiple strips of Stainless
Bird Spikes
radiating outward and downward from the highest point of the dome.
Statues, Columns, Cornices — Apply to base, and around head, arms, curves, crevices and openings.
Roofs — Apply bird spikes to roof perimeter, chimney, antennae, and the ridge on a gabled roof. Apply to the inside of a chimney (projections facing inward) to keep animals out.
Cables — Apply bird spikes to any cable thick enough to support a bird (this is easy since base is 0.8" wide.)
Trees — Apply bird spikes to tops of branches to stop birds. Apply in horizontal rings around a tree trunk, starting 4' from the ground, then higher at 5" intervals to stop climbing animals (use a similar defense for Bird Baths and Bird Feeders.)


Every bird infestation is a unique challenge, as numerous variables are involved. Besides obvious differences (bird type, infestation size, structure type and physical location…), environmental factors make it impossible to state bird spikes installation “rules”. Here are suggestions to maximize effectiveness, but experimentation is often required. Birds are creatures of habit, and they will try to reclaim their areas immediately after installation. While they will be quickly discouraged, they will seek alternate areas.
Therefore, make sure you’ve:
  1. first read this manual and completely understand the installation procedure.
  2. installed sufficient linear feet of bird spikes, and sufficient rows on surfaces wider than 5"treated non-yet-infested areas.
  3. If birds are routed from their original location only to move to a nearby untreated area, all efforts using these bird spikes will have been in vain.
  4. checked that no flaw exists in the application. If so, birds may find it and infest, and you may need to amend the application.
          Repeat as necessary.


Bird Spikes Needle Strips are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the shipping date. Bird-X will either replace or repair the defective material.

You may find certain areas where it is undesirable or impractical to install
bird spikes. If this is the case, we suggest that you protect these untreated areas generally by using other products (visual repellents, sound repellents) in conjunction with the spikes. This will maximize effectiveness throughout the entire property. visit for information on companion products.



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