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LightsOut Bed Bug Detector Interceptor

LightsOut Bed Bug Detector Interceptor
LightsOut Bed Bug Detector InterceptorLightsOut Formerly called BlackOut Interceptor for Bed Bugs
Our Price: $50.92
Manufacturer: Protect-A-Bed
PN: 199194

Formerly called BlackOut Bed Bug Interceptors.

Same Product - New Name

Adobe PDF Information Sheet

 Package of 12 LightsOut (formerly BlackOut)  Bed Bug Interceptors

 A More Attractive Choice For Bed Bug Detection

LightsOut is the latest innovation in bed bug detection. BlackOut is used to detect the presence of bed bugs in a structure by simply
placing the device under the legs of beds, upholstered furniture, etc. The BlackOut will intercept bed bugs as they move around in
search of a blood meal.

This cutting-edge interception device was developed by leading bed bug expert Jeffrey White of BedBug Central. Preliminary tests have
shown LightsOut to be both a highly effective interception device and aesthetically pleasing compared to other devices currently on the

- Black is shown to attract bed bugs
- Guards to keep bed wheels stable
- Reinforced Center
- Powderless deadfall trap
- Made in the USA

LightsOut VS Other Interception devices

LightsOut Bed Bug Dector Interceptor

The black color is:

- Attractive to bed bugs
- Allows easier identification of early instars
- Aesthetically pleasing

No additives or powder necessary
Crack & break resistant due to stronger grade of plastic
A strong yet recyclable plastic
Textured exterior surface eliminates need for unsightly tape

Competitive Devices

- Most commonly white in color and does not blend well with furniture
- Makes identifying early instars difficult.
- Uses messy powders with a degree of maintenance
- Frequent breakage due to inferior or recycled plastic
- Relys on unsightly tape to promote advancing of bugs into its well

You get 12 LightsOut Interceptors per order.

Mfg: Protect-A-Bed

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