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BorActin Boric Acid

BorActin Boric Acid Insecticide Dust
Our Price: Starting at $10.95
Manufacturer: Waterbury

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1 lb Puffer Bottle ($10.95)
25lb Pail ($89.05)
5 lb Pail ($30.75)

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Available in 1 Lb Jar or 5 & 25 LB Pails!
1 Lb Jar = $9.95 each
5 Lb Pail = $27.95 each
25 Lb Pail = $80.95 each
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Not for Sale to CA

Kills Cockroaches, Palmettobugs, Ants, Waterbugs, Termites, and Silverfish

Old Faithful!!

Authorized for use under USDA inspection and grading programs

99% Orthoboric Acid

Self Applicator Tip

Used by the pros!

Borid is not Sold in Stores
container reflects weight, not volume.

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