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Drain Gel - Quart

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Manufacturer: American Bio-Systems

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Restaurants, hotels, homes and other food preparation facilities often experience sanitation problems associated with the organic material that accumulates in drain lines, cracks and crevices, and other non-drain sites. These problems include drain and filth-breeding fly infestations, noxious odors and slow drains. The most effective method of correcting these problems is to remove the organic material. Treating these problems with ordinary drain cleaners, hot water, detergents, bleach, or ammonia is ineffective. The most effective solution is the use of a highly concentrated biological product with specially selected bacteria strains.

DrainGel™ is a highly-concentrated gel which clings to the sides of drains and pipes. DrainGel can also be easily sprayed into cracks and crevices and onto hard-to-access non-drain sites. DrainGel's formulation incorporates specialized microorganisms in combination with biological support ingredients and essential growth factors. This unique formulation promotes improved performance in degradation of organic materials in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. DrainGel is also specifically designed to block the production of odors frequently occurring in drain lines, sewer lines and grease traps.

DrainGel™ can also be foamed with excellent results.

  • DrainGel™ should be put into the drains in the evening or when least used.
  • Initially, use 4 ounces in each drain every three days for a week.
  • For maintenance, use four ounces in each drain every month in home drains.
  • Use DrainGel™ every two weeks in commercial drains, such as Taverns, Restaurants, Grocery stores, Deli's or anywhere Drain flies, Fruit flies or knats are a problem.
  • Place DrainGel™ in a sprayer and spray anywhere drain flies are breeding. Do not spray directly on food, utensils or food preparation table tops, counters or food processing equipment.

    1 Quart (32oz).

    Also Available in Economical 1 Gallon Jugs (Shown Below)

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