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If you don't want gnats around, you have to cut off their food supply. This means fruits and vegetables have to go in the refrigerator or a bin the bugs can't penetrate. Make sure house plants stay damp, but not wet, and they must have the proper drainage. Gnats just love over-watered house plants. Empty trashcans regularly and don't allow rotting food to sit in the house. Make sure all trash receptacles and sink drains are cleaned thoroughly, and don't have any old rancid food stuck to them. Never let dirty dishes stand in the sink.
Your best recourse is chemicals. At AllPest Express we have several flying insect spray options for you to choose from. Just about any one of these will take care of your gnat problem. Be sure to read and follow the label directions. If your home is experiencing an all-out infestation, you may need to set off a few Pro Control Foggers. One can will cover 5000 cubic ft. So don't over do it. Fogging will require you to seal off cabinets and anywhere else food and eating implements are stored. Be sure to take the pets and leave the house for the day.
If you would rather not apply pesticides or for keeping flying insect in check, purchase a FlyWeb fly trap.
The Fly Web is very effective in controlling gnats and other flying insects.


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