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How Do I Control Bedbugs?
  • Always follow and read the label directions for each product before use. Always read the label on the products you are using.
  • Inspect and treat all cracks and crevices where bed bugs may hide. They hide in any crack or crevice in the room. Take the time to do a thorough inspection. It is best to use a magnifying glass and a good flashlight. During the day bedbugs can be found hiding in cracks and crevices close to the bed or wherever the host (you or a family member) is being attacked.
  • Inspect mattresses, especially around seams, folds and tufts in the mattress. If you find something, clean the area with a small brush and treat the mattress with Sterifab. Inspect the box spring around seams and stapled areas.


  • I recommend removing the mesh from the box spring and treating the wooden slats up inside with Delta dust or Bedlam. Treat the surface of the box spring with Onslaught, Suspend Sc, Demand CS, Cy-Kick Cs or any of the many products in our bedbug category. Mix to label specifications. 
  • Next, inspect the bed frames, behind headboards, foot boards and bedposts. It is best to dismantle the bed completely so you can do a complete and thorough inspection of these areas.  Clean the frame and parts thoroughly and treat with Bedlam.
  • Next, inspect the furniture near the bed. Empty the nightstands and dressers, inspect the items you remove and discard things you don't need.
  • Remove clothing and place in a plastic bad and carry the items to the laundry area and wash in hot soapy water immediately. You can also put clothes & bedding into the dryer and set the dryer to the highest setting and run the clothes or bedding in the dryer for at least an hour. 
  • Remove any drawers from the bedroom furniture and inspect top, bottom and sides. Clean and treat cracks and crevices with Bedlam. Lightly spray inside the drawers with Sterifab. Check upholstery of couches, chairs, etc. check the folds, under skirts, around seams, tufts and all cracks and crevices.
  • After you are done with the furniture, Check any pictures hanging on the wall or setting on the nightstand or furniture. Check the frames thoroughly and clean. Check around any loose wall paper or paneling. You can lightly dust behind loose wall paper or paneling with Delta Dust. Repair where required.
  • Next, inspect cracks and crevices around the baseboards and door frames and trim. Spray with Bedlam or lightly dust the cracks and crevices found with Delta Dust.
It is also recommended that you pull any tacked carpeting off the tack trip and lightly dust this area under the rug and at the tack strip with Delta Dust.
  • Check curtains, window frames, around appliances, lamps and lamp shades, the phone and anything that has a crack or crevice where bedbugs hide.
  • You should also remove the switch plates and outlet covers (We recommend turning off the  power for this) You can lightly dust around the outside of the outlet box and switch boxes with Delta Dust. Do not dust directly inside the outlet, only around the outside of the box. Bedbugs will hide in these areas.

            We recommend purchasing a Eaton Bellows duster for easy application of Delta Dust



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