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Mantis UpLight Fly Light

Mantis Uplight Fly Light
Our Price: $155.05
Manufacturer: PestWest LLC
PN: 146158
MANTIS UPLIGHT Discreet, glue board system designed to please. Silent and deadly.


Attractive and stylish wall mounted system: the perfect choice for public areas where flying insect management needs to be discreet e.g. restaurants and front-of-house. Disguised as a wall sconce with a full-size glue board, and a 15-watt standard lamp that is hidden from view. Front cover can be painted, wall papered, or decorated to match existing decor.

High powered, 15-watt Quantum BL, low mercury, no lead lamp

Available in 110 volt. UL Approved.

Deflector helps keep wall surfaces from discoloring

Incorporates the latest technology

H: 8 3/4” W: 181/2” D:81/4”

Weight: 8 lbs

Finish: magnolia.jpg Magnolia

3 year warranty


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