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Mini Rex Mouse Snap Traps

Trapper Mini Rex Mouse Snap Traps
Our Price: $42.57
Manufacturer: Bell Labs
PN: 110307

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Use the same snap traps used by the Pro's!
 Proven design and technology built into Bell’s new MINI-REX MOUSE SNAP TRAP

Following in the footsteps of the popular T-Rex Rat Snap Trap comes Bell Laboratories’ powerful, new mouse trap: TRAPPER Mini-Rex Mouse Snap Trap. Prehistoric only in name, new Mini-Rex Mouse Snap Trap embodies the most up-to-date snap trap design and technology.

A smaller version of Bell’s T-Rex Rat Snap Trap (shown below), Mini-Rex’s performance in capturing mice is equal to its rat-size counterpart. Designed with better trigger sensitivity and more powerful trap velocity, Mini-Rex also features patented interlocking teeth that capture mice with unmatched holding power. The result is superior performance in capturing mice.

“Mini-Rex has the strength professionals are looking for in an easy-to-use mouse snap trap,” said Bell’s Director of Sales, Mark Westover. “Results with Mini-Rex have been outstanding.”

Besides strength, Mini-Rex offers ease-of-use. It sets in one easy motion, just like the T-Rex Rat Trap. The same motions provides “no-touch” disposal of the dead mouse.

It is ideal for both commercial and residential accounts.

As an added feature, the trap’s built-in bait cup gives you the option of using a mouse bait, such as peanut butter or chocolate, to entice mice to the trap. Because the cup is removable, you can service the unset trap safely and easily.

Mini-Rex is reusable, making it an economical tool to use, particularly in commercial accounts that are serviced regularly. Single traps can be placed along walls or wherever mice travel. Or, for discreet placement, two Mini-Rex traps will fit in most tamper-resistant PROTECTA Bait Stations (Shown below).


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