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Paraclipse® Fly Control Systems - FAQ

Why is it important to control flies?
House flies have been shown to carry the disease organisms causing typhoid fever, cholera, summer diarrhea, dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax and ophthalmia, as well as parasitic worms.1 Flies contaminate food and they have been linked to many illnesses including those caused by E-coli, Salmonella, and Streptococci.
How do Paraclipse® fly traps work?
These units are non-zapping, non-toxic fly traps! They utilize ultraviolet light to attract flies and other flying insects to the trap (flies find UV irresistible). The flies are then lured to the glue on the slowly moving auto-advancing cartridge by the food scents, decoys on the trapping surface, and sex pheromones that gives the units powerful trapping capabilities.
How many unit(s) do I need ?
Most restaurants, convenience stores, and other food service establishments need 2 or more Insect Inn™ Ultra units for the customer area and 1 or more Paraclipse® Terminator™ units for the kitchen, food storage areas, etc.
Where should unit(s) be located?
Paraclipse® Terminator™ placement - In kitchen areas and other non-public areas of restaurants.
Insect Inn™ Ultra placement - Service passageways between kitchen and seating area of restaurant; above deli/pastry cases; restaurant walls away from windows; above dirty dish collection areas; and food order counters. Line of sight placement is important, flies must have direct view of UV light. Units should be installed just above eye level to avoid view of lamp(s) and cartridge.
Can the units be used to catch other flying insects?
The primary focus of the units is to catch flies. However, any other flying insect attracted to ultraviolet light will be attracted to these units.
Why use an auto advancing cartridge?
The auto advancing cartridge makes changing the cartridge more sanitary and easier. The cartridge system rolls the trapped flies into the cartridge so you never handle the fly covered trapping surface. It holds up to 10 times the capacity of a standard glueboard. The advancement also continuously exposes a fresh trapping surface; glueboards often become useless after only a few days.
Can I change the speed of the catridge?
No. The speed of the cartridge is factory set for the optimal catch effectiveness. However, if needed, the cartridge can be advanced manually.
Can the cartridge be rewound for reuse?
No. Our auto advancing cartridge is for single use only. There is a risk of exposure to bacterial contaminated surface by rewinding the cartridge. USDA and FDA have regulations preventing these type of exposures.
Can I replace the UV lamp and/or cartridge with items from the local hardware store?
No. The UV lamps used in our units have special characteristics designed to catch the flying insects. These UV lamps are designed specifically for Paraclipse®. The cartridge is a patented cartridge and can be purchased from a Paraclipse® supplier or directly from Paraclipse®.
Can unit(s) be used outdoors?
No. These units are not approved for outdoor use.
Are these traps USDA and FDA approved?
Our family of fly trapping units pose none of the contamination risks of chemical fly control systems. Our trapping system is environmentally friendly and largely biodegradable. They meet all applicable USDA and FDA guidelines.
What colors do you offer?
The very attractive cover can be easily painted to fit any decor. The outer shell of the Insect Inn™ Ultra and Paraclipse® Fly Patrol™ will accept any Krylon paint. Do not paint the back surface of the shell top or the light slits in the front of the unit, these areas are essential to the effectiveness of the unit!
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