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Phantom Insecticide

Phantom Insecticide - Termiticide
Our Price: $81.35
Manufacturer: BASF
PN: 160097

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*Not for Sale to CA, AK, CT, NY, MA, SC, WA

Phantom Concentrate is now labeled for Bed Bug Control!

The only liquid nonrepellent, non-IGR labeled for indoor general pest control including commercial food handling areas.
The secret behind the success of Phantom® termiticide-insecticide lies in it's cutting edge chemistry. It's active ingredient, chlorfenapyr, is totally undetectable. Pests can't smell it, taste it, or, most importantly, avoid it. As a result, they unknowingly contact and ingest it as they go about their routine activities.
General Information
Once ingested, Phantom attacks pests from inside their own bodies by preventing their cells from generating energy. This leads to paralysis, and, ultimately, death.
However, this process is not instantaneous, which means Phantom will not cause an accumulation of dead pests in a particular spot. Instead, they continue to behave normally and go about their regular routines for a short time before dying. There is nothing about their behavior to tip off others to Phantom's presence.
Other products are far less stealthy, and, as a result, far less successful.
Phantom is effective on ants and roaches, the two biggest nuisance pests. But the new expanded label also covers bed bugs, beetles, centipedes, flies, scorpions, and wasps. With Phantom at your side, you're ready for practically any general pest challenge you encounter. With bed bugs making a big comeback, in housing and in the media, you can now treat them with Phantom—the only nonrepellent labeled for control of bed bugs. This is an especially significant since some research is indicating pyrethroid resistance in bed bugs.
And, the newly expanded label for Phantom means it can be used to control many nuisance pests, stored product pests and occasional invaders that infest structures, including:
  • ants (acrobat, Argentine, carpenter, odorous house, pavement, pharaoh's, pyramid)
  • beetles (Asian lady, confused flour, darkling larva (yellow mealworm), saw-toothed grain)
  • bark scorpions
  • bed bugs
  • boxelder bugs
  • centipedes
  • cockroaches (American, Asian, brown-banded, German, Oriental, and smokybrown)
  • European earwigs
  • house crickets
  • house flies
  • paper wasps**
  • pillbugs
  • spiders (black widow, cellar)
  • silverfish
** Phantom is not a knockdown agent.
Phantom is a liquid, but it's not at all like the broad-spray liquids you've grown accustomed to. It is selectively applied in small, precisely targeted “shots.” That means less chemical applied to your home. In addition, Phantom is the only nonrepellant, non-IGR, liquid labeled for use with both baits and IGRs, which means it won't get in the way of other products you're already using.
Phantom is the only nonrepellent liquid labeled for food-handling areas.
  • Bakeries
  • Breweries
  • Cafeterias
  • Canneries
  • Diaries
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Packing Plants
  • Pet Shops
  • Processing Plants
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouses


Now approved for limited use in California.

Not for Sale to: CA, AK, CT, NY, MA, SC, WA



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