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Precor Plus Flea Foggers

Precor Plus Flea Foggers
Precor Plus Flea Foggers
Our Price: $14.30
Manufacturer: Zoecon
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Precor® Plus Fogger - Three - 3 oz cans

Target Pest = fleas

  • Ideal for large-area treatment - one fogger treats 375 sq. feet. (Example: Room size 15 ft. x 25 ft. with 8 ft. ceiling. Approx 3,000 cu. ft.)
  • Also well-suited to cluttered areas like basements and garages.
  • Contains Precor® IGR to prevent flea reinfestations for up to seven months, plus Permethrin for quick knockdown of adult fleas.
  • Water-based, no-odor formulation won't stain or leave an unsightly residue.
  • For best results vacuum carpets before use. 

How It Works

The Permethrin in Precor® Plus Fogger immediately kills adult fleas, while Precor IGR prevents pre-adult fleas from creating new infestations of breeding, biting adults. Precor IGR molecules penetrate down to the hard-to-reach places where pre-adult fleas hide - especially carpet and upholstery fibers, rugs, drapes, pet bedding and floor cracks.

Application Sites

  • Large indoor treatment areas
  • Cluttered areas like basements and garages

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