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Purge III Metered Insecticide Aerosol

Purge III Metered Insecticide Aerosol
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Manufacturer: FMC
PN: 188525

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Purge® III Insecticide
Pyrethrins-based Purge®III insecticide is metered insecticide formulation for flying insect control. It kills insects such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats and small moths for a full 30 days.  Purge III leaves no lingering insecticide odor.

This product contains a highly effective insecticide for use in metered release devices.
The device activates the metered valve every 15 minutes. Usually the effectiveness of this product will be noticeable within one hour after the device is activated. If less than 24 hour kill is required, the device should [be set to] start one hour before kill is desired and run one hour after kill is no longer needed. Keep in mind that factors such as airflow rate, size of space treated, humidity and room temperature affect insect activity and kill. Therefore, one unit per 6,000 cubic feet of unobstructed space should be considered as an average with adjustments made depending on specific conditions at usage site. As with any method of insecticide treatment, best results are achieved when sanitation and other positive insect prevention practices are followed, If used continuously, the container should be changed once a month.
For the most economically-effective flying insect control, trust Purge III, formulated with 0.975% Pyrethrins
Target Pests:
Kills flying insects: Flies, Mosquitoes, and Small Flying Moths. Kills mosquitoes, including the Culex species which may carry the West Nile Virus.
Active Ingredient
Pyrethrins 0.975%
*Piperonyl Butoxide, technical 1.950%
N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 3.050%

 The new 7.3 oz cans will still fit the automatic aerosol dispensers that hold 6.4 oz cans.
 The size of the can is the same,

Not Shipped to California
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