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Squirrels in the movie Bambi were awfully cute, but these little creatures can be big pests. Hungry squirrels have been known to chew their way into an attic, eat the bark off trees, chomp a hole through a birdfeeder, and even rip the insulation off the wiring in a car! When they become pests for you, you can get rid of these pests by turning your place into enemy territory.

Squirrels seem to find the oddest places to build their nests. Your car�s engine compartment or barbecue grill may be as attractive as your attic or garage. Their veracious habit of gnawing makes these dangerous places for them to call home.

Squirrel problems can get worse. They are persistent, and it could be harder AND more expensive to try to deal with them later.  

We suggest trapping them with a Havahart Model 1077 Havahart trap. Squirrels can then be released elsewhere after you have excluded them from returing to the premises.
Please check the trap daily.

Visit our Havahart Cage Traps Category for Havahart Humane Cage Traps
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