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Talstar Aerosol

Talstar Aerosol Insecticide
Our Price: Discontinued Product
Manufacturer: FMC
PN: Tal-Aero
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Not for sale to CA, NY, WA 

Talstar Aerosol has been discontinued.

Talstar Insecticide - 16oz can

For years, pest management professionals like you have chosen Talstar products to help them provide services of the highest quality to their customers. Now, FMC Professional Solutions is bringing you a whole new way to deliver the power and dependability of Talstar, with more convenience and ease of use than ever before! With its new aerosol formulation, Talstar insecticide is a must-have tool for general pest accounts of any size, virtually anywhere.

Talstar Aerosol Insecticide is now available to you.

At AllPest Express everyone can do their own pest control at their home or business, just like the Pro's!


Talstar ® Aerosol Insecticide

Talstar insecticide is the professional pest control industry’s first bifenthrin aerosol. This allows Talstar to deliver residual protection equivalent to traditional liquid concentrates in the convenience of an aerosol can. With up to three months of control, Talstar makes an ideal component of quarterly service programs.

Speed You Won’t Believe

In addition to bifenthrin, Talstar insecticide features prallethrin (ETOC) for impressive speed of knockdown and kill. This superior combination of active ingredients is not available in any other aerosol product. Talstar insecticide is truly a one-of-a-kind solution — and has the results to prove it.

Broad Spectrum Protection

Talstar is approved for use against over pests, including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders and termites. With a non-flammable, water-based formulation, you can apply Talstar to a variety of surfaces without having to worry about leaving a messy, oily residue behind.


Perfect Form

Talstar insecticide is available in a 16 ounce aerosol can and comes with a crack-and-crevice application straw.

An extremely versatile product, Talstar can be applied in homes, businesses and even within food areas and non-food areas of food-handling establishments. Outdoors, Talstar can be used as a perimeter treatment or applied directly to nests for flying insect control. The aerosol formulation of Talstar insecticide also makes it an excellent solution for the treatment of termite galleries.

16 oz Aerosol Can







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