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Temp Vent - TV Series 6 - Crawl Space Vent

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Manufacturer: Temp Vent


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Adobe PDF Download the Temp Vent Series 6 Installation Instructions here Adobe PDF

The Series TV-6 installs using the 4 Hex nuts, 4 Hex Bolts and 3 Spring Clips included with each unit.


The Series 6 One Piece Unit is Available in Gray, Brown or Black

(The WHITE Temp Vent has been discontinued by the manufacturer, However, Temp Vents can be easily painted)

No Electricity or Batteries required

Space Vent

Temp Vents

Automatic Temp-Vent is a revolutionary type of foundation ventilator for the crawl space under a home - it opens and closes by itself.

Temp-Vent automatically helps prevent excess dampness under your home. Dampness leads to foundation decay.

Homeowners spend annually $1billion repairing foundation decay. Dampness leads to unhealthy molds which can cause asthma and hay fever. Dampness hinders your termite control program.

Temp-Vent will help protect and preserve the wood in your home by control of under-floor dampness. Temp-Vent automatically helps prevent pipe freeze-up.

Temp-Vent automatically stops wasted fuel ($$) and heat loss due to open manual vents.

That's Right!! You do nothing after installation. Temp-Vent opens and closes automatically according to the outside temperature to prevent dampness and to save fuel! No motors or electricity. Easily installed.

Old fashioned manual vents would require your attention all through the year to save maximum fuel and deter damp rot. Temp-Vent does it better - automatically.

Installation Tips for Temp-Vent Automatic Foundation Vents

  • For proper ventilation, one vent should be installed every 8-10 feet.
  • Avoid dead air spaced by placing vents within 3 feet of each corner.
  • A minimum of 4 vents are required to provide cross-ventilation.
  • Dense shrubbery should be trimmed for the vents to be effective.

    Warranty for Temp-Vent Automatic Foundation Vents
  • 5 Year Limited Replacement Warranty.  (warranty does not cover any labor cost to remove or replace).
  • Warranty applies, no matter who owns the house

    These vents are easily installed using screws, or screw anchors and retaining clips. Both are included with the vents. No mortar is required for installation.

    A heavy duty coil for dependable operation
  • 8"x16" to fit into a standard block opening
  • A net free area of 50 square inches
  • The back of the vent is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance

    The Series 6 vents (on our site) are one piece, fits a average cinder block opening. Some chiseling may be required on your part depending on the size of the block, will fit into any 8 x 16 opening, comes with hardware needed for installation.

    NOTE: Please choose a color for your  Temp Vents in the drop down at the top of this page.

    Temp-Vents can also be painted any color you desire.

    UPS Demensional Weight Applies

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