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Trapper Bulk Glue

Trapper Bulk Glue
Try Catchmaster Bulk Glue
Manufacturer: Trapper
Try Catchmaster Bulk Glue
Tapper Bulk Glue has Beed Discontinued by the Manufacturer

Please try Catchmaster Bulk Glue.

Custom make your own traps any size or shape to fit your needs.
Use wherever rats, mice or crawling insects are a problem. Trapper Bulk Glue contains no toxicants or poisons and is particularly suited, and approved, for use in areas where pesticides are prohibited or undesirable. 
 Trapper Bulk Glue contains a new and improved formula booster which allows the glue to be easily spread, yet it won't run in high temperatures nor lose its' effectiveness in low temperatures.

Apply to cardboard, wood, or plastic, roofing shingles also work great too.

RATS AND OTHER LARGE RODENTS - Place glue boards at intervals of 10 to 15 feet. Keep glue boards in place for at least five days before moving to other locations since there may be some "new object" avoidance at first. We suggest that you wire or use Putty to make the glue boards stationary to prevent rats or other large items from moving them.

MICE, MOLES, AND OTHER SMALL RODENTS - Place glue boards at intervals of 5 to 8 feet apart.

Your can also heat the glue a little to make it easier to apply. Use a oiled putty knife to spread the glue onto the surface of the the board.

Glue can be removed from hands by using Vegetable oil or Baby Oil (or for getting the dogs or cats paw off the board).

1 Gallon Bulk

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