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Trapper T-REX Rat Traps

Our Price: $64.85
Manufacturer: Bell Labs

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T-Rex Rat Trap

Case of 12 Traps

Named after the fierce dinosaur, Trapper T-REX is Bell's most recent addition to its line of reliable rat traps. You can now use a safer alternative to the competitor's dangerous rat snap traps. You can integrate Trapper T-Rex as a new tool for special situations, where baits may no be a option.

Trapper T-REX offers superior rat capture. Patented, interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible. The trap is a perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity -- speed and responsiveness ensure capture. Extensive field and laboratory testing fine-tuned Trapper T-REX to optimum specifications.

Safer and easier to use than competitor's snap traps, Trapper T-REX can be readily set by foot safely on the ground. Press the trap open like a pedal, keeping fingers free and safe.

Bell included a removable bait cup that inserts from the bottom of Trapper T-REX. The cup can be withdrawn and re-inserted before the trap is set, which greatly enhances safety and ease of use.

You can use Trapper T-REX along a rat pathway. Or you can insert it into a tamper-resistant bait station. Trapper T-REX easily fits inside the Protecta bait station sold on our site.

Keep this trap out of the reach of Children and Pets!

Although the trap is easy and safe to set, the jaws are powerful and can cause serious injury to hands and unprotected feet if the trap is touched on the baited side. We recommend placing this trap in a well protected area and out of the reach of Children & Pets, or you can purchase the Protecta Rat Bait Stations Below and place the trap in the center trap area of the station designed for the T-REX and keep it securley closed and/or locked

You get 12 Traps!!

You Can Purchase Protecta Baiters Shown Below

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