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Vector Fruit Fly Trap

Our Price: $64.82
Manufacturer: Whitmire

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Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps
Box of 12 Fruit Fly traps - $59.95

The Best liquid Fruit Fly Trap on the market!!

Patented Food Grade Attractant

Fruit Fly Control:
Category: Vector Fly System
Vector Fruit Fly Trap Description:
  • Newest low profile, ready-to-use trap designed to capture drosophila.
  • This versatile trap has a patented food grade attractant that readily attracts several species of Drosophila including melangoaster, repleta and hydei.
  • Trap efficacy is further enhanced by the orange-colored plastic with a specially selected chemical composition used for the trap base and lid.
  • The Vector Fruit Fly Trap is engineered with 10-hole venting lid to optimize Drosophila exposure to the vapors emitted from the liquid attractant.
  • The lid is removable for easy monitoring and identification of catch.
Treatment Technique: Trapping and monitoring
Food Handling: Approved
Sizes Available: 40 ml of attractant/trap
Packed: 12 ready to use traps, 12 lids, 12 glue dots per box

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