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Rice Weevil - Sitophilus (= Calandra) oryzae (Family Curculionidae)
Typical weevil with a relatively long snout or rostrum projecting forward from the front of the head and with distinctly elbowed antennae. Brown to almost black in colour, usually with two paler marks on each wing-case (body 2-3 mm long). Found in granaries, bakeries and other food stores where it will attack all kinds grain and cereal products (maize, rye, wheat, millet, etc.) as well as rice.

Grain or Granary Weevil - Sitophilus granarius (Family Curculionidae)
Very similar to the previous species, but without pale marks on the wing-cases (body 2-3 mm long). Likewise, it will attack most kinds of stored grain products.


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